Larry Lanier

Larry laniEr's Mobile Fuel COMPANY InAtlanta, Georgia

In 2010, Atlanta, Georgia resident Larry Lanier witnessed a number of violent crimes committed at a gas station and he decided that something needed to change. During that time, the effects of the recession were still felt as well, and many gas stations had started to shut down their doors because of various pressures, including declining profit margins and problems with crime. While the recession is now over, more and more gas stations continue to close for a variety of reasons.



Larry Lanier, from Atlanta, Georgia, noticed a problem in 2010 when the decline in the number of gas stations first started. When fueling up his own vehicle, he witnessed a violent crime that really shook him. This prompted him to think about the question: Is there a safer way to get fuel? And with the decreasing number of gas stations, he came up with a solution: gas delivery. His idea was that, rather than people having to fuel up in dangerous locations, they could have their fuel delivered. This gave birth to Mobile Fuel, which was indeed very much well- timed, what with the disappearing gas stations and the rising number of violent crimes committed in them.

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